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Hotel Invest Consulting Ilona Hagleitner

Property-consulting: competent and confidental.

As an expert in the field of hotel business, I know exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are in need of business consultancy or an investor – you are in good hands with me. Hotel invest consulting and consulting in the area of commercial property: Choose me as your advisor and you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

I was born and raised as an entrepeneur. In 1993 I took over the apartment house of my parents. Shortly after, I established one of Austria’s leading family hotels and founded another hotel which won several prices over the years – among them, the very much desired Gala Spa Awards 2010 and the price Hotel of the Year 2011.

Since I have years of experience in the field of hotels, I am familiar with everything related to commercial property. In addition, I have already established a broad network of relevant experts.

Invest consulting – in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Thanks to my sound knowledge of the regional, national and international market, I am a reliable partner when you are
•    looking for a suitable hotel property,
•    selling your hotel property or
•    looking for an investor.

Are you looking for an exclusive hotel property?

Feel free to contact me. I am already very much looking forward to your enquiry!