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Selling your hotel as profitable as possible
with Invest Consulting

Your hotel property in the real estate industry

You are thinking about selling your hotel property or your hotel development sooner or later, and in doing so you want to operate as profitably as possible? Then I am the right consultant for you. With lots of expertise I develop your individual sales strategy and help you in choosing the interested party that is the most suitable.

Selling your hotel probably won’t be easy. It is something you have worked on passionately for years. Thus, for most people the decision of selling creates a lot of uncertainty. My goal is to minimize your concerns by giving you competent advice.

It is most certainly a good idea to think about selling your hotel, when you are under financial pressure, dealing with health problems or want to pursue a new professional direction. The lack of a successor can be a good reason for selling too – as well as wanting to profit from favourable market conditions and thereby making as much profit as possible.

Hereinafter I answer a few questions that you will probably have posed yourself in this context already.

How much is my hotel worth?

This question is not easy to answer without a thorough individual analysis. However, based on my experience I can give you a few thought-provoking ideas:

  • A hotel is a special kind of property. Thus, its worth cannot be calculated like the worth of house. A decisive factor is always the success or failure of a business. The location and current state of the building as well as potential for expanding also have great influence on a hotel’s worth.

  • Currently, conditions on the market are favourable for sellers: There is more demand than offers – that makes it the perfect point of time for selling a hotel.

What do I have to pay attention to when selling a hotel?

As soon as you have decided to sell, I advise you to let everything run the way it has been running before and maybe make some last investments, in order to keep the worth of your hotel property. Plus, please keep in mind that the sale can take a while. After our consulting session, I gladly provide you with a checklist for a successful sale – with information on what documents and other things you should have at hand.

Can I get information on a possible sale from Ilona Hagleitner, even if I am not completely sure yet?

Subsequently you will receive an individual offer suggesting how I could support you in your possible sale. This offer includes an estimation of the current market value as well as a recommendation for your marketing strategy, which is either a structured bidding process (with a big potential group of buyers) or an off-market-deal (with a small and exclusive group of buyers). My recommendation is always based on my years of experience in the real estate industry as well as on a detailed knowledge of the market.

Are you interested in a first non-binding consultation? Then do not hesitate to get in touch! During this first talk we can also settle all of your urgent questions, such as when the right time has come to inform your employees about the upcoming sale of your hotel.