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Leasing a hotel with a competent partner

Ilona Hagleitner Consulting for maximum success

When it comes to leasing a hotel, the questions raised are pretty similar to those when selling a hotel. Yet, you have to calculate differently, since you will not receive the revenues all at once, but will receive solid recurring revenues over the long term. Another specification when leasing a hotel is that you remain the owner of your property.

What I need to know for an Initial assessment

You can contact me anytime for a first consultation. For our first talk please bring with you the key data of your property or your business. It is enough to bring them with you on a piece of paper.

  • Name of your hotel
  • Desired yearly lease
  • Average room rate
  • Average occupancy rate
  • Number of stars
  • Number of rooms
  • Type of hotel (business, wellness, guest house, …)

Or simply use the form below for getting in touch and formulating your non-binding request:

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